Types of Haunts

​To say every paranormal site on the internet has some information about the types of haunts that can be experienced, is a safe statement. On the Many paranormal Television show such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures they come across different types of haunts. Those haunts are residual and intelligent. For the sake of this blog I am going to include natural occurrences that are not haunts but can make someone believe they’re experiencing something paranormal.
First, in regards to residual haunts, many professionals in the paranormal community do not count these occurrences as actual haunts. For the fact that the entity involved to make a haunt is not present anymore. Only the energy from one moment is absorbed into a surface or item, and the energy cannot be interacted with. Residual haunts are often called ‘Broken Record” haunts because the energy absorbed into the surface or item is played over and over, these occurrences do not pose any threat. They can only get on your nerves.​
Next on the list are intelligent hunts. These are the most unpredictable haunts. So many different entities can cause them, both malevolent(harmful) and benevolent(not harmful). The entities that can cause an intelligent haunt are human, demonic, and elemental. At least that I am aware of. ​As for the elemental entities, they may only cause grief if something in nature is disrupted by something you do such as hunting or logging. Back to Intelligent haunts, poltergeist are included because they are usually found to be a dark powerful presence. Intelligent haunts can speak, touch, move items, change the temperature when they manifest, and cause you to feel emotions similar to what they are feeling. They may also show themselves to you, depending on what and who they are, they’ll show themselves however they want to be seen.
Lastly, the natural causes for someone thinking there is paranormal activity in their space. High electromagnetic fields due to lots of exposed wires, a lot of wires in general in one area, open electrical boxes or boxes with faulty wiring releasing high levels of electricity. Having a lot of electronics powered on in a small room and being exposed to that high EMF for extended periods of time. Fumes and particles from gas, mold, paint and other chemicals can cause your mind to see and feel what is not there. Hearing stories and legends about a building can condition your mind to look for proof. If you don’t find any your brain can make something up, because you’re looking so hard for it, this is called matrixing.

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