Wornistead “Willie” Flaskbreaker: It starts up again July 17, 2014

In the wee hours of the morning I became paranoid and felt as though I was being watched, very closely and with some sort of unwarranted curiosity. It felt as though who or whatever it was had their face two inches from mine. Something made me open my eyes a little bit and I saw what looked like someone lining their face up with mine, but they were wearing one of those masks that the Jabberwocky dance crew wears, or one that one would buy at a craft store and decorate with feathers. Only the eyes had whites and the irises were as dark as the pupils making them look over dilated and broken.​​​​The face had a blank, porcelain, dead expression. As I was lying in bed I heard whispering voices and that just mad it worse for me. I had a vision of something sitting over me while my girlfriend slept next to me, when she wasn’t even there, and the thing started touching me like a pestering sibling. There was nothing my girlfriend could do because she didn’t wake up. Right after that ended it felt as though something was stroking my hand. It didn’t feel like a hand though, but rather a cold strip of air running down my hand repeatedly, even when the air was not on. At this point I had my covers pulled up over my head and I was just frozen. It was still too dark for me to be comfortable getting out of bed, so I just laid there until I heard the birds chirping.
I was so scared I ignored the cramps in my gut telling me I had left my tampon in too long. As soon as the cramps were subdued enough for me to move, I rolled over and looked into the bathroom, where I saw a dark noisy figure in my closet doorway facing into the closet. I looked away and back at it, and it had vanished. Shortly after looking into the bathroom it became light enough in my room I felt comfortable sitting up and turning on the television and the lights.​ After about ten more minutes I felt comfortable enough to get out of bed and go into the bathroom. A little while later I went down stairs and got some coffee and cocoa pebbles. On the way to the stairs is a balcony that over looks the front door, where I noticed the front door unlocked. My dad had already left for work and this was not like him, even in a hurry. So I locked the door, got my stuff and went straight back upstairs.
Ever since the first experience back in April I had been feeling watched. Day to-day the degree of paranoia differed, but​ still as though something was keeping an eye on me. It didn’t feel menacing, just unnerving. After the first string on incidents I had to leave the state to attend a funeral, I was gone for a month. When I got back everything was fine, my dad was away for work so I was alone. I came downstairs after bringing all of my things upstairs, I noticed all of the doors to the outside were unlocked. The door to the garage was slightly ajar, so I closed it and locked all of them. Since then I had felt watched.
If something has made its way into my house or attached itself to me from one of the places​ I have been, I’m determined to find out what it is.


About RSampson

I am all about equality for all humans. Everyone in my eyes is an equal. I want to instill this in every person I meet. No one should be humiliated, degraded, or berated for anything as superficial as race, ethnicity, gender, or lifestyle. The path to human equality starts with everyone getting on the same page and not letting society dictate who is better. Who is society anyway to say someone is less of a human, less capable, or less deserving because of race, gender, ethnicity or lifestyle. I also have an interest in the paranormal and supernatural. Capybara Paranormal is the group my husband and I are a part of.
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