New Videos uploaded

Since my last post I have been doing almost nightly investigations of the strange noise, the owl, and the feeling I get every once and a while. I have collected some things that do not make much since in the surroundings. I have made a video for each day highlighting the footage that I could not debunk. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, and I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon. I will be back with more in the next few days.

Capybara Paranormal- The House- 9-10-15


Capybara Paranormal- The House- 9-11-15


Capybara Paranormal- The House- 9-13-15


About RSampson

I am all about equality for all humans. Everyone in my eyes is an equal. I want to instill this in every person I meet. No one should be humiliated, degraded, or berated for anything as superficial as race, ethnicity, gender, or lifestyle. The path to human equality starts with everyone getting on the same page and not letting society dictate who is better. Who is society anyway to say someone is less of a human, less capable, or less deserving because of race, gender, ethnicity or lifestyle. I also have an interest in the paranormal and supernatural. Capybara Paranormal is the group my husband and I are a part of.
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