All Hallows Eve Special


Join Capybara Paranormal as we see who “just happened to be in the neighborhood” on All Hallows Eve. It may be exciting and it may be absolutely boring. That’s the excitement of it though. So stop by along with the ghoulies and ghosties at 10pm/MST on October 31st, 2017





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I thought I would update with and update video

I can’t think of much to add. We are doing a spirit box session on our blogtalk, and if anyone has a good starter question or two send them to us on our other social media.

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9-14-2017 Impromptu Photo Session

This is all of the pictures I took that night in the house. Not all of them are in the video, because they didn’t all have anything that peaked my interest. That and I didn’t want to try and narrate a ten minute slideshow…


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The Hall Tree Mirror Progress

Last week I got absolutely nothing done in regards to reviewing footage for the second night of the hall tree mirror. There was a whole lot of researching what I wanted to do for the shoppette and making products, along with the labels and mapping out their counterparts and variants. Tonight seems like a good night to truly begin reviewing the footage from the second night of the hall tree mirror. Right now my video software is processing the footage for ‘smooth playback’. Once that is done I can begin the arduous journey through the eight-something hours of footage. And I will keep you all posted on what comes up.


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The Hall Tree Mirror: Night One

Here is what we were unable to figure out a reason for being in the footage. I do hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor and any constructive criticism or ideas of where the noises may have come from are always welcome.


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Friday August, 11th 2017

Good morning everyone,

This is Robin, as I have mentioned in previous posts there are hours of footage to sift through. As I am typing this I have audio playing in my headphones. Today seems like it is going to be a good day, although it is supposed to rain where I am at. I have got a few errands to run after little man and Eddie awake from their slumber. Then I will be home again to embark on the footage review endeavor. I feel as though after the two hour mark on your footage it is an endeavor.

*side note about the fast I mentioned a couple days ago. It went well, it was tough because the house is full of food, but my body and I got through it and now I’m eating mostly vegetables right now. I feel more energetic, I have more mental clarity. It is a really awesome feeling. A fast may or may not become a weekly or bi-weekly thing.

Looking at my notes I wrote on Sunday, I still have not picked a place to write an essay on. I know essay sounds boring, but that would basically be what it is. It would just be narrated and contain the photos and any video I captured. All Hallows eve is a lot sooner than it seems and something special should be done on that night. And then of course trips to various ghost towns and other haunted places.

My guys are up and around, I am going to go run errands and come back to the footage when I get back. I will keep you all updated on what is found.

*  My computer and Word press were not wanting to communicate this morning. I am back from town and got dinner started and lunch done. Now let the review of footage commence.

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Short, Boring Update

Hello everyone, it’s Robin,

Since I didn’t have to be to work until later this morning I got a few extra minutes to go through my morning routine and so I am reviewing some more footage from August first of the hall tree mirror. its been about fifteen minutes and I heard something interesting. So fare its just been Tristan, then me and then utter silence. This thing I heard I have marked, hopefully there will be something else deeper in the footage. This is in the fifth 20 minute video and there are 23 videos in total. At times its nice not having one seven and a half hour long video, others it’s a pain to have 23, 20 minute videos.

I’ve also got day job today, but after day job today I am off of work until Monday. So hopefully a lot is going to get done. I’m also going to be doing a two day fast so that should be interesting to see what my body kicks out.

Now is time to start getting ready for work, I will update all of you with what was captured the first night of “The Hall Tree Mirror”.

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