We Are Back from Vacation

We are back! Vacation was fun, we had to bring Mr. Tristan so everyone could see him and we decided not to leave my mom with the dog. We drove down and back, got stuck in Denver traffic both times. Were finally unwinding and able to focus back on what we were doing before. Spirit box sessions, soap making, stressing over money and trying to find time for trips to haunted locations. Not to mention trying to keep up with a certain level of social media presence.

It’ll still be a little while before I post another video on YouTube. I’ve got to get back into my routine. The shoppette is open again and I’ve got a few more things, molds, colors and scents, to try out before there will be new things in it.

I’ve got to go into work for a little bit tomorrow for a few hours and then do some grocery shopping. I’m debating on whether or not to do a short spirit box session tomorrow night.

I will keep all of you informed on what is going to happen as soon as I get that far. It’s time for me to go to bed, and I hope you all have a wonderful night and a bright morning.

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May 10th EVP Audio Missing in Action

On May 10th, 2017 I decided to do an EVP session without the spirit box. As I am gearing up to finally review the session from inside Tristan’s room, It’s disappeared. Completely, gone, poof. Nowhere to be found on my computer or hard drive. I know for a fact I put it on my hard drive in the appropriate folder because I had it that day to review and it would not play back smoothly. I was going to review it later and now I can’t. I guess I’ll just do something else today then. Fun stuff. It might turn up later though.

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The past two weeks.

Hello everyone it’s Robin,

The past two weeks have not been as fruitful as I had liked them to be. We never did an investigation last night. SNL was on and we were both falling asleep and we thought we would do it this morning. NOPE. House chores happened instead and Eddie made a run to town for house supplies. I knew starting a business and blog from almost nothing was beyond difficult, I’ve had this blog itself since April 2014. I’m still pushing. I think I need to step back and take a look at what we still need to accomplish before beginning the next thing. I know for a fact I need to perfect my designs of merchandise for the shoppette before I worry about making enough of them to list. I know I need to get out ‘there’ more before I try to have a podcast every week. We haven’t done one since the end of May. We need to focus more on building Capybara Paranormal up and not so much on spacing things off to relax. Relaxing once and a while is a very good thing, don’t get me wrong. It’s just, I am currently lacking consistency, leadership skills and drive to get what I need to get done everyday. We’re still keeping this idea alive. We’re not going anywhere. We just need to take a step back and redraw our game plan and get ourselves together to make Capybara Paranormal what it was meant to be. A space to discuss paranormal, supernatural, horror,and personal experiences. Not to mention creepy crafts and nic nacks and paddywacks. (Whatever those are.)

I’m working on the game plan for this coming week. The plate is full and I haven’t even filled out my planner yet. We are taking a trip to Tulsa, OK this summer for the fourth of July and we will be driving down. So both Eddie and I need to figure out what all we are taking with us that’ll fit in the car. We will definitely be taking some of our gear. There is a place, I mostly, want to have a session in front of if no one is living there again yet.

Not to mention the fish are acting like they’re trying to have babies. The cats is acting like she is in heat, our son is growing way too fast and I don’t get out of bed easily.

I’ll keep everyone posted on what is coming up as soon as I get this figured out.

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June 10th Full Moon Investigation

This post isn’t entirely paranormal related, but hold on to your boot straps.

Eddie and I are off of work tomorrow and that works out perfectly because this is the last full day of the full moon and neither of us are staying up Sunday night to talk to people. Right now, as I am typing this it is only a little chilly outside, hopefully mother earth doesn’t start the water works or blow us away with gale force winds. So we’ll have something up later this week after we review the footage.

On a non-paranormal note, earlier today I noticed a strange white tube coming out of the belly of my convict cichlid. This was not fish poop, I know exactly what that looks like. So I looked up the breeding rituals of convict cichlids and it was an egg tube… for laying eggs. They also dig craters when they are getting ready to drop some embryos. And there is one of those as well in the Zen garden portion of my 60 gallon tank that all of the cichlids are in. We’ve only had the cichlids for a few months and I didn’t think any of them were mature enough to breed. Although since we got them they all have doubled in size. So I’m watching my cichlid Calamity, formerly Capone, dig her crater all the while having her tube hanging out; and the Fire peacock cichlid we have was hanging around her like a proud papa. Then the evening rolls around and she begins chasing him away. I thought ‘ok, he’s angered mama bear some how.” This was not the case, she then let her eggs out, in the crater she dug. And that is when Paul, our Blood Parrot Cichlid, starts helping her fan the eggs (another thing convicts do when they breed), and chasing away the other tank mates.

At first I thought the fire peacock was the daddy, but then Paul started exhibiting signs of a parent. Not to mention the other peacock cichlid got a plump belly around the same time as Calamity. So I don’t know with these fish anymore, but we’ll see what happens. If the eggs were fertilized the babies will either be super ugly or super cool looking. I’ll have to post pictures later the tank light has turned off and they are resting.

I know how to keep them happy and healthy, but not breed them. let alone interbreed them.

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It’s a day late!

The Capybara Paranormal Shoppette is open!

Check it Out!

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Capybara Paranormal Shoppette

I am behind as per usual. This morning I am waking up, enjoying a cup of coffee and my cat coughs up a hair ball on the hats I had blocked on my sewing table… I was not too pleased with her, but she didn’t know those were for a special occasion. I’m redoing the shoppette listings and waiting for the right light to take photos of everything I have completed thus far. It’s just a few things, for some reason I like to make the items that take the longest to perfect and complete. Then I’ve got to make it into town to pick up some more yarn since I’m about out of what I use for the hats and I’ve got a couple more to get made. And I’ve got an appointment to keep and a couple to make, so… Busy day off for me!! Although everyday has been busy since I decided to reopen the shoppette. I do hope everyone is having a wonderful or at least okay Wednesday and I will be around unless I implode.

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May Witching Hour EVP Surveillance

In the wee hours of May 11th 2017, from 3:00am to 4:00am Tristan woke up and I brought him into the office with me, after leaving a voice recorder in his crib.

Upon listening back to the recording I’ve only found a few clips that may be worth putting into a video. A couple of the clips sound like me in his room yawning and chuckling. But I’m not in his room while this is being recorded, I’m in the office trying to keep him quite. The doors in our house let sound through so easily so it may very well be me. Which is why I’m hesitant to put these few clips into a video. *Update: as I was typing this post up I was listening to the recording and the last two minutes of it are a series of clicks. I hadn’t even gone into the room yet to get the recorder. The mobile wasn’t on.*

Junes full moon investigation should be a full out investigation. Hopefully it will be nice enough to do it by the creek. Eddie should be able to come out with me then.

We have a little shop on storenvy (link down below) were we offer goods such as cold process soaps, bath eggs, knitted goods and various other items as we make them. All of the revenue will go to bringing all of you more interesting original content and developing even more awesome stuff to enjoy. The store will officially be open on June 7th, 2017. I am going to go in and revamp the store on Sunday June 4th.

We are on social media, like this blog

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