Capybara Paranormal this last week

So many things were done and none of it was posted. But first, Happy mothers day to everyone! I hope every mother out there is getting treated to something she finds special. Whether it be a book of hand drawn pictures from your children or a night out with your significant other sans children.

On Wednesday we did our podcast that my wonderful husband joined me for. Then later that night I did a short monitoring of Tristan’s room during the full moon witching hour. Thursday I made my first batches of soap, bath eggs and candles for our shoppette. Then was so sore from standing most of the day I had a few drinks after little man went to bed and ended up staying up all night watching “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, and sleeping in until noon, subsequently getting nothing else done. Nor did my mother go run her errands Friday because I would not wake up. Tristan was up though.

Then Saturday, Eddie and I took little man on  an adventure. On our way out of Helena, we stopped at a “ghost” town called Rimini (Rem-in-eye) and took some pictures of the old buildings. Many people live out there again as with Elkhorn and a few other “ghost” towns in Montana.



We then made our way to Deer Lodge Montana, Drove a scenic route edging along the Continental Divide, and did the self guided tour of the Old Montana State Prison.


We then headed to Butte and drove around the Historic District, parked next to the Copper Kind Mansion: Bed and Breakfast, debated on whether or not we should go in and ask if there were still tours available that day. We decided to come back another time and drive around the historic district some more, looking at all of the other places we’d like to visit. It was around seven at night so not much else was open. There is a statue on top of the continental divide called our lady of the Rockies. We were trying to find a way up to her on our own, earlier that day, to see the view and came to realize we needed a guided tour up to see her. Which sucked for us because we really wanted to go up there that evening.


Finally we stopped to eat at a place called Sparky’s Garage. The food there was delicious, and I eat a lot of good food. They make their own BBQ sauce *drools*. It was so cool too with all of the vintage mechanic signs and machine shop items all over the walls, plus the view of Butte from our table was beautiful.

After we got home Tristan was wide awake and I was playing with him to make him tired. I was recording me chasing him around the floor when I noticed all of these orbs floating around the screen. And they only did it when Tristan was squealing and giggling. Any other time they didn’t show up.

All in all we did a lot of stuff this week and I still don’t have much sleep. I’ve got to review the EVP session I did on Wednesday, the witching hour investigation I did Thursday morning, sift through the pictures from Saturday do much more research of the places we went to and the places we wanted to go, then catch up on sleep. And be well rested for my day job.

Once again Happy Mothers day!

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Mothers Day Episode Re-try

I slept through the episode I had planned today. So I just pushed it to Wednesday. Some weird stuff was happening last night after we got back from our trip and our little man was wide awake. So set a reminder to tune in and share your paranormal experience stories with us.


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Five shots of Kraken and ‘Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children ‘

I was thinking about how to make my spirit boxes more personal. I tend to keep much of me personal life private, besides Eddie, my mom and Tristan.  Since I live in the town my family has been in, it seems like forever, and we live barely a street a way from where everyone else is buried and lived. I should start asking for them when I do spirit box sessions. 

I didn’t find the time to do one today due to making products and caring for little man and the animals. 

Just as well I’ll have time tomorrow to upload a video, and prepare for Sunday’s show on Blog Talk Radio about paranormal experiences. I’ll be sharing mine.  The most recent during the investigation I did during the full moon last night during the witching hour. Eddie had the same experience tonight not too long after he got home tonight.

I was just thinking about how to engage my video audience.  I had my camera up to record a video while I was making my products today.  And I never did.  I made bath eggs,  soap,  and candles.  The candies are still a work in progress,  i haven’t made candles I  years. Knitted and sees wares will come later,  since I’m  making them  myself with my late bgrandmother’s sewing machine.  The shop opens the first week of  June.  There is no specific date yet, but it’s coming. 

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Full moon Investigation 3:00am May 11th, 2017

This investigation was originally supposed to take place the morning before, but both Eddie and I fell asleep before we were planning to start. So this morning, during the witching hour, I have put a voice recorder in Tristan’s room and I will be periodically taking pictures with the SLR. Since right around midnight I’ve been hearing strange distant screams. It wasn’t until 2:45am that Tristan woke up and every time before that I would hear a scream he would be sound asleep. There would also be nothing outside that would make that noise. I was outside right before I got little man out of his room. The moon is high and bright, and the air felt thick. Without anyone else up that could help with a full scale investigation, I don’t feel right tromping through the yard and around the house with a spirit box going and talking out loud.

The animals are not acting strange at the moment.

It is currently 3:23am

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Capybara Paranormal | The Paranormal: Why research it?

Today on Capybara Paranormal we discussed why anyone should research the paranormal field in any way shape or form. Eddie joined me since he was off today and he was able to say a few things before Tristan started fussing. I’ll be back on Sunday 10:00 am MST with personal paranormal experiences. Feel free to call in when we’re live and talk about yours. 646-564-9902 Press 1 to talk to me.

As always we are on social media and always happy to chat.

Twitter: @TufBoxofKittens


Facebook: Capybara Paranormal

Storenvy: Capybara Paranormal Shoppette

Our shoppette with officially be open in the first week of June.

Business inquiry email:



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Capybara Paranormal Live

On May 3rd of this year I started an internet radio show for Capybara Paranormal. It’s a place to discuss the paranormal in its entirety. Every Sunday and Wednesday from 10am to 10:30am MST I’ll be live talking about various topics related to the paranormal in some way, shape, and form.

This was the show today


And here’s the show coming on Wednesday

cpbt may 10 2017

So listen in, something exciting might happen. or not.

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Spirit Box Update

Today I decided to do a plain EVP session instead of a spirit box session this week. I didn’t feel anything present. My EMF detector pick anything up either.  I even walked through Tristan’s room today and asked questions about why he wasn’t sleeping through the night anymore. The recording isn’t wanting to play for me right now and I’ve got to get ready for this weekend of day job. I’ll be back on Monday.

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