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Alan’s Spirit Box p.2 Video

I was finally able to have a spirit box session on Saturday and I reviewed it this morning. I attempted to contact Alan and Jeff again. I believe they were trying to come through, but a majority of the responses … Continue reading

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Alan’s Spirit Box P2

I tried to do another spirit box session today about three thirty. Tristan is going through a growth spurt, we think, as well as getting in his molars, so he’s a screaming crying mess. Not to mention he’s closer to … Continue reading

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Alan’s’ Spirit Box 1

This morning I did a short session to try and talk to Alan, from our Halloween special, again and I believe I got him. I feel like he was having a hard time this morning and there were a lot … Continue reading

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Vlog and review of last nights spirit box session.

so I am starting to vlog things related to how I get things done during my days off of dayjob. This day in particular was the review of the footage from my camera of our live spirit box session for … Continue reading

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